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We love sports cars, we love racing, we love the good life and we love the one material that combines it all - carbon fiber. If you share our passion, feel free and follow us on Instagram @thecarbonlover.

Love Story

How we fell in love with carbon fiber.

The story of The Carbon Lover and our deep connection to carbon fiber, sports cars and the racing scene.

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Why choose The Carbon Lover Wallets?

When you go out to a café, a restaurant, a bar, a club, a friend or even when you just go to the gym it’s really no longer up-to date carrying a bulky and thick wallet that not only ruins your whole look with an ugly and unsightly pocket-bulge but also is hard to carry and filled with things you don’t really need like faded receipts or unnecessary cards. Be sure that with our Carbon Fiber and Forged Carbon Fiber wallets the eyes are on you but for the right reasons. It is the perfect wallet for every occasion. The wallet is minimalist without being limiting. It’s about carrying less but always having everything what you need. High quality in every aspect and a little luxury in your daily life.